things you find yourself doing that make you realise you’re not turning into your parent(s)

fastidiously planning journeys/where to park/what time connecting trains are/when to get to the airport etc. neither of them do this and it does my nut.

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Opposite of this for me.

Used to get you the airport so fucking early, but I actually think it was because they saw that as as much fun as the holiday. In fact, on days out with my dad we’d often just go to Manchester airport.


drinking heavily, having no direction, having no interest in having children, having no romantic relationships

and i’m happy with it which is quite funny cos that sounds like i’m in a hole of bleak!

being a member of the Labour party


Turning lights/the tv off when they’re not needed
At least attempting/meaning to be quiet when someone might be trying to sleep

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Listening to Kendrick Lamar, Hot Snakes and Whores.

We used to go on a rooftop bit where all the plane needs would gather and my dad would listen in on their radios so you could hear the pilots


Your dad sounds like he mightve been a spy.


Was thinking just this but didn’t want to say :smiley:

Like in the sopranos when Tony’s dad takes his daughter to the fair, but he’s being a mafia there