things you find yourself doing that make you realise you're turning into your parent(s)

we’ve moved house recently and i’ve found myself wandering around the house turning the light off in unoccupied rooms, my da is a big fan of doing/complaining about this

found myself sending “interesting” articles from the paper to friends/family members which is the modern equivalent of the physical cutting out of articles from the paper that my ma still likes to do

let’s keep this light if possible…


make your mind up


Really terrible jokes


Urgh my dad does the first one to an obsessive level, it’s so annoying.

Bad puns
Total intolerance for any lateness
Shouting at car drivers from my own car

Bought some wrapping paper in the sales for next Christmas, that is pure mum behaviour


seems like an admirable trait if you ask me


Tuneless whistling like my dad - getting more melodic though which he somehow never, ever did

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Whenever I am holding a banana I have to fight the urge to hold it up to someones ear and yell BANG!!!

Thanks dad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


this is a very good one :smiley:

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Completely inexplicable feelings of moodiness manifesting themselves in not really wanting to speak


My sense of humour is tbf very much based on stuff my parents do that I find annoying when they do it but hilarious when I do it


decanting everything into jars


The way I talk to the cat is exactly how my Mum talks to cats.


Also games like phone roulette, where you swear down the phone when a call is on hold

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eating grapefruit for breakfast
greek yoghurt on cereal instead of milk

Telling people to stop fucking swearing, those acute moments of exasperation, i get it now mum

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Also worrying about my vitamins

Not so much lights, but closing doors to keep the heat in. Not even sure my dad does this, just feels like those kind of vibes.

Also, I occasionally do a single, bark-like laugh at things, which Mrs HYG always comments on, and I’ve realised my dad does exactly the same. Is laughing genetic? Have I subconsciously copied it? It’s not a fake laugh, it’s a genuine laugh. Weird.

  • Get annoyed that my wife doesn’t close the door using the handle, just loudly shuts it. Got told off for this as a kid by my dad.
  • Get annoyed my wife does rinse her bowl of porridge/Weetabix out after use and leaves it on the side to get dried on crust
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