Things you get the least return on

Recipe books have got to be up there, right?

200 in the book, you eventually make 3 of them.

What else?

People saying that they always get good value out of recipe books are very welcome in here. This is an all-inclusive and friendly thread. No one gets cut in half. Not even Noone.

I like having recipe books to look at but I literally never use them to cook a recipe

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I’ve got very good value from the Anna Jones book, and hot sour salty sweet, and some others

Recipe books are good for general meal ideas and learning more about how to cook. If you’re just using these books to follow a few recipes you need to learn recipe books

Spotify. Listen to maybe two hundred songs a month out of probably millions.


Sunday newspaper. Parents bought them every week through my childhood, read about 20 pages max a weekend. Ridiculous


The lottery. God knows how much I’ve given to Camelot (and good causes which I don’t begrudge obvs) over the years but the amount I’ve actually got back would barely pay for a slap up meal at Nandos!

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My gym pass


Xbox Live Gold pass. Haven’t used it in at least two years, and I put the Xbox in the garage the other week.

I tried to cancel it once and it was hard so I gave up.

I have never bought or owned a recipe book

I have followed a few recipes from some though

Children, probably.


But I’m paying for (probably) millions!


It looks like there should be loads of good stuff to watch on it, and it’s predominantly shit


Reckon my CPU* of the microwave can probably be measured in whole £s.

*cost per use

I think there should be a spin-off thread, where we recommend stuff for you.

Tell us what you want to watch and the collective wisdom of us idiots will solve your problem.

I mean this assumes that you only get return out of a cookbook if you cook something out of it. I’ve got shitloads of cookbooks that I’ve never cooked anything out of, but that I love dearly. Mind you I’m a weird cookbook obsessive who reads them for fun so probably not representative

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Can’t see that working tbh

Could you not just cancel your DD?

Cocktail books where everything involves like three different spirits, multiple mixers and garnishes, and really specific glass types.

You but one, you admire the contents, you never make anything from it.