Things you had to say in unison at Primary School


“For what, we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful amen”

“Good Morning Mrs Rayner, good morning everybody


Never did the first one; did the second.

Also, the Lord’s Prayer at every assembly.


Can you recite it now?


Prayer at the start of the day
Prayer before lunch
Prayer after lunch*
Prayer at the end of the day

*It went “Thank you for the food we have eaten, thank you for our friends, thank you for everything”, the last bit making the bit about food and friends totally redundant


I might get some funny looks.

I’ll do it under my breath.


Just the usual prayers, catechisms and dedications of our work for the greater glory of God. Nothing weird or anything.


Haha. It’s a bit


Didn’t join unison until well after school




I WAS COLD I WAS NAKED (aaaahahahahahahaaaahhaa)


“NO!” in response to the teacher asking “if a stranger comes up and asks if you want to come with them, what do you shout?”


those union meetings sure are a hoot


and after all,you’re head of Key Stage 4


Lord’s prayer

also when the headmaster said “May the Lord be with you” or something, we’d say “and also with you”


Under his eye




The catechism and other incantations such as the beatitudes. I used to find it hypnotic and soothing and still do actually.


“Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you god for everything, Amen (Nomnomnomnom)!”

(sound of us eating our lunch.)


incredible that some of you can remember this stuff.


Prayer at the start of every day, end of every day, lunch time.