Things you have an irresistible urge to do




Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.


Jump in front of a train when at the station. I haven’t yet and don#t want to die or anything. Just have a massive urge to do it


A mum joke


Surprised it took 3 replies tbqh


Resist that urge!


Whenever I see water I want to throw a stone in.


Oh don’t worry I did. I have been shitting on toilet seats for weeks now.




Steal guns.

Every time I’m in a country where the coppers have guns, I get intrusive thoughts about me going up to them, taking the pistol from its holster, then running away/waving it in their face.

When I go through with it I’ll let you know how it goes.


Yeah, a bit like pulling the handbrake on while you’re doing 80 down the motorway


cough. got a suspected chest infection and a sore throat so it will only make it worse.


For me its walking over train tracks, instead of crossing the bridge. I always reckon I could make it


Putting important stuff like your wallet in a postbox, and vice versa posting letters into a bin instead of a postbox.

I did once accidentally post my passport the day before going on holiday. I went to the Post Office to collect a parcel, and showed the passport as id, then posted a few letters outside and put my passport in with them by mistake. I had to go and hover by the postbox a few hours later when the postman came to empty it. It probably looked like I was going to mug him.

I probably subconsciously didn’t want to go on that holiday with my then boyfriend, and I was right, it wasn’t fun at all. We split up two weeks later.


So the postie let you have it back?
I always thought they wouldn’t do that for some reason



I’ve got a copy of GYBE’s F#A#∞ album that came with a little envelope of goodies like a screenprinted picture etc. One of the things in there is a canadian penny crushed by a train. I thought they were total daredevils until I asked my friend who lives in the same area of Montreal about it, and she told me that it was a freight line with like two trains a day, and everyone went for walks along there. Mystery destroyed.

It probably struck me as extra daring because I grew up in an area with electrified rails, which most places don’t have apparently.


Yeah he let me have it back, after quizzing me about my date of birth and checking the photo. I guess it made him feel important. I suppose it was also clear that it was mine seeing as there’s a photo of me in it.


Where I grew up, the trains have three rails, and one of them is electric and will fry you, so lots of warnings at school about don’t even think of going near a train track, and lots of signs warning you about death.


buy a bar


When i’m in Nero I keep having this terrible thought pass through my mind that I could totally steal the stamp they use on my loyalty card.

There are usually on strings but this one time it wasn’t and the member of staff was busy at the til. Still didn’t do it.