Things you have an irresistible urge to do


i walked over tracks for the first time (legally, not a level crossing) last week. had to call to check the times beforehand and inform them i’d crossed safely afterwards. not the same as wanting to go on them impulsively, but a new, enjoyable experience for me.


not stealing, but i asked if their hot chocolate could be made df/vegan at one of their stores last year and the barista was really apologetic because they couldn’t find allergen info, so gave me a full loyalty card as an apology. :heart: nero.


When people show me generic pictures of their kids I always get an urge to say something really insulting about there kids. They say something like ‘look how amazing little so and so is rolling on the floor’ and I just want to say something mean to contrast it.


I’ve done this a couple of times when I lived ‘at home’. Got the last train back after a few beers. Hung around on the platform until the train had pulled off. Hopped down onto the tracks, walked across and then climbed up onto the other platform. Job done.

NB: This was on a quietish suburban line in Birmingham at midnight, I would not recommend doing it across the west coast mainline in the middle of the day or whatever.


ploughing into other cars when i’m driving on teh motorway



Y’know, I was sat in traffic on the M42 tonight and had that thought. Was just crawling along in 1st and had a sudden urge to just nail the accelerator pedal and plow into the car in front


ITT: people resisting irresistible things… Or just listing resistible things :confused:


genuinely have to suppress the urge to throw my keys in the river whenever I am near one, something about envisioning an alternate time line that is appealing


Get a takeaway


Jump/fall out of high windows. As the train thing above, not suicidally minded in the slightest but just a thing that’s there that i’m aware of. Isnt that what vertigo actually is?



I thought that the misconception with vertigo is that it’s a fear of heights… when in reality it’s the sensation of your surroundings moving around you or a loss if balance…

A mate had it once when getting off a plane. The change in pressure fucked with his ears and he just stacked it and was all


Jump from high buildings/cliffs/ledges

Swerve into ditches while driving

Throw/drop smashable objects


A friend posts picture of his kid on FaceBook, loads of them.

The urge to comment. ‘Man, he’s one ugly little shit isn’t he’ (he really is) is almost overwhelming .

I’m really not a nice person. Or maybe I am because I don’t post that?


Oh, and I think that whole ‘standing on a ledge wanting to jump off’ is a recognised psychological thing. And not uncommon. Can’t remember much more, but I think there is some basic human reason for it.