Things you have been slow to realise


just talking to my dutch pal.

said "yeah reminds me of the fens that the land is so flat. hence the windspeed being so fierce in the Netherlands…

wait is THAT why you’ve got so many windmills?"

32 years old i am

Is it lunchtime yet?
Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory

That I’ve been slurring my words for the last half hour :slight_smile: :cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:


have another!


Ponies aren’t baby horses.

To be fair I hadn’t really thought about it. I knew what foals are. It just hadn’t really come up.


Don’t mind if I do ‘garcon’


Not so much a revelation but I spent an entire day last week trying to remember what kind of animal Punxsutawney Phil from Groundhog day is.


wait, what


31(?) years old, he was.


my wife had to explain this to me.

still not entirely convinced.



  • i just found out a pony is not a baby horse
  • of course ponies are not baby horses I’m not an idiot

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It was really not that long ago that I realised February is not spelled Febuary


The handrails on tube trains are the same colour as that train’s line on the map. Felt like King Noticer when I told someone that.


ALTHOUGH be extremely careful on the circle/districts because they sometimes swap them out


Yeah that could be dangerous


i’m a fully badged up travel card wanker and even I clocked that on my first trip


should have spent more time reading up on horses


Take it to the “things you have been quick to realise” thread, pal.


yep, for instance if you fail to notice that you’re on the east branch of the district you could go fuck yourself.


That marckee is an angel sent down to save us from the darkness.


if i had a penny for every time I’ve heard that