Things you have been slow to realise


Haha, thanks FL. Minor consolation for the reality that I am ageing and losing my faculties. Very kind of you nonetheless.


It isn’t the clearest picture. Here is the whole thing if you or anyone is at all interested:


Why is it that kids book bears are always so lovely? That’s a particularly nice bear, but they’re a great bunch of bears.


Total GBOB, though I think Britta Teckentrup’s bears (as above) arey favourites :bear: :heart_eyes:


Solitaire - solitary (because you play it on your own)


yeah this came up elsewhere:

little discussion on the punching down nature of the stuff.

It’s actually an example for me where Weird Al’s version of a song is preferable to the original because “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi” is not nearly as problematic lyrically!


Such a hipster place 12 years ago. I remember thinking it was a really weird name but AFAIK it’s the original pub name. Saw Thurston doing a noise set there for free in early in 2006 after crablin posted on the old forums at about 5pm to say it was happening. I think about 5 DiSers were able to to attend, although at the time no one had a clue in what form he would take the stage. In the event it was to perform with Iron Eagle or something like that. (Obviously we all claimed on the forums he’d done an amazing set of Sonic Youth classics.)


Sort of related: Yesterday my daughter asked me where the sea ended and I had to explain it was sort of like a huge puddle and it didn’t end. She found this utterly amazing. I guess when you’re 5 this does seem incredible.


Or she’s testing your flat Earth credentials


You’re supposed to wash oranges before eating them (at least according to the bag of oranges that I bought the other week).


My Daughter is off to London for the first time soon, we asked her where she wanted to go - she said “not sure, how about the… town square?”. Didn’t think that she may have no real concept of what London is or what is there.


Aww! My little brother got all excited about a trip to London many years ago cos he wanted to “see what shops they had on their high street”. His mind was fucking BLOWN.


The first time I went to Camden when I was visiting London as a kid I was really surprised to see a whole high street like a town centre. I thought there would just be one main centre like central Manchester or something.


This just came up in my FB memories and I’m not sure if I shared it before but the Sonic Youth Goo artwork is based on this photo…


Which is a shot of Myra Hindley’s sister Maureen on the way to court with her partner who witnessed Ian Brady axe someone in the head.


Yeah you’ve posted this before because I’ve been happily passing it off as my own knowledge for a fair while.


Unsurprisingly it’s a year ago to the day that Scout posted it!


The band name sex bob-omb from scott pilgrim.

Didnt realise bob-ombs were the bombs in mario, so ive been thinking the name was slightly worse than it actually is (but still terrible, obv)


People mentiong Jordan Peterson on here aren’t in actual fact talking about Kevin Pietersen.


I haven’t bothered actually finding out who he is, but I’ve had it in my head that he’s a sportsman of some sort tbf.


I got this about Ed Woodward (Man U person) and Clive Woodward (Rugby Union person)