Things you have been slow to realise

Think I might have been applying stick deodorant wrong my entire life, based on a TikTok I saw the other day.

If you had a roll-on stick type deodorant in an oblong shape, how would you apply it to your armpit? I have always used the longer edge and moved up and down covering the most space, but this guy used it vertically so the narrow edge went right into his pit cavity.

so i opened the door…? is what my mind made up at the time :thinking:

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I don’t think it matters dots. I use your technique… but I am a notoriously sweaty person… :thinking: :bulb: :open_mouth:

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As I said in the masterchef thread - I have only recently realised that a “pastry chef” cooks desserts. Not exclusively pastry.

I feel like it might be a waste if I’m deodorising the sides of my pits if they aren’t sweating?

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took me a while

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I thought you were gonna say about how apparently you’re supposed to only put deodorant on at night


This is one of those things my Mum told me that I had walked through life without questioning… until now! Thank you!

(Makes sense doesn’t it - why the fuck would you put an incredibly toxic thing in a little permeable paper bag??)


It’s so weird that we’re scared of silica gel but other stuff that even says CAUSES DEATH on we see as harmless. Case in point: washing up liquid, if you don’t get ecover or other natural ones, it says causes death to marine life. Obviously I’m not a fish but pretty sure I’d be happier taking my chances with eating some silica than drinking some fairy liquid.

Footnote: ban all this shit that kills animals when we have natural options available.


True, true.

(We’re a Method household)

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You are a method man


I reckon the whole pit sweats so as long as you’re covering all of it I don’t think it matters how you do it. I’d use your method as I think it will get better coverage.

Don’t know quite why, but I’m giggling at this…


But I’m still not sure it’s good to eat though?!

I mean, I’m assuming it’s obvious but maybe not

Maybe you should add it as your tagline just to make sure :thinking:


Emma Roberts is Julia Robert’s niece

Eric Roberts has multiple Golden Globe/Academy Award nominations…

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Dunno 🤷