Things you have been slow to realise

Took me ages to realise that each scene in the simpsons only ever contains six colours at a time.

what :expressionless:


Justin Theroux and Louis Theroux are cousins.

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you better be having us on

bloody heck

I didn’t just realise this but ant’s coffee thread reminded me - all through my youth and beyond I never realised that Elmlea wasn’t cream. It’s fucking delicious whatever it is (vegetable oil?), but yeah, not cream. Blew my mind when I realised.

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That wobbly hand gif is someone from popular grown up tv show The Wire, not Craig Charles

Even though I know it’s not, I still think it’s him.

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I think we should just pretend it is Craig Charles

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You mean this one?

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Yeah that one. Good old Craig Charles


Do you know who Craig Charles is?


Yes I know who Craig Charles is



I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together!!!

“Why did you think it’s included in the winter olympics then?”

No idea mate.

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Imagine him giving his hand a wobble

I mean, that’s not the wobbly hand man

Never noticed the second L

I thought it was Elmea

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Did you know what it was though? I was SHOCKED when I found out.