Things you have been slow to realise

I think this song is why that episode of the Muppets is not on Disney+. It’s the Chris Langham episode, but it’s due to music rights issues that it’s not on there. The same thing happened with the Brooke Shields episode where they sing songs from the Wizard Of Oz.

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I learn something gnu every day on here.


The founders of Waitrose were Wallace Waite and Arthur Rose. The was also a David Taylor but he seems to have lost out in the naming


Suppose Wall-Art would have been a bit too problematic


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Always thought Berwick upon Tweed was in Scotland. Just learnt its this side of the border.

Is this me being ‘at it’?

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The football team play in the Scottish leagues (so you’ll have heard them in that section of the football results being read out), and the town has been Scottish for significant periods in its history, so it’s an easy mistake to make.




:green_circle: :arrow_forward: :yellow_circle: :arrow_forward: :orange_circle: :arrow_forward: :red_circle: ???


Some varieties of green peppers stay green, and red (and purple etc) peppers you see in shops do usually start out as green peppers. Yellow and Orange are usually different varieties.

They don’t go through a progression of green to yellow to orange to red.

This swings towards ‘things you were slow to realise’ and then back again, but…

I was watching something about the Mount St Helens eruption the other day and they were talking about a fella who lived close to it called Harry Truman that (along with his 20-odd cats) refused to leave before it blew up.

Now I’d heard this name a few times before and was sure it was the name of a former US President, but it turns out this bloke is just some random full time mad bastard.

‘Can’t be right’, I thought. I’m certain this geezer was president. I’m going on Wikipedia!

Not to be confused with… indeed


Just wait until you see twin peaks!


That the guy with Mel C on celebrity Gogglebox is her brother, not Jamie Theakston

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Isn’t Theakston on it with someone else completely random?

Yeah i thought he was but assumed he’d merged with Mel C to form a power duo to rival Shaun and Bez, but its not him

Luca Modric and Mark Viduka are cousins (according to Wikipedia)?

I first played (and beat) Super Mario World in 1994. I beat Bowser and accessed three levels of the Star World, but until yesterday (27 years onwards) I had never seen the Special World.

So yeah…how to access the Special World is something I have been slow to realise…

Why did you think Jamie Theakston was her brother?

I didnt. But i thought that maybe Mel and Theako DJ’d together on Heart FM or something and that’s why they paired up for gogglebox. But then i found out the chap with Mel C on Gogglebox isnt Jamie Theakston

Doing old games like that with a really thorough walkthrough is always such an eye opener. I did it recently with Link To The Past and it was like playing a completely different game, there were so many little secret quests and items to find that I had no idea about.

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