Things you have been slow to realise

Yeah I mean, they’re just played as colleagues aren’t they, it’s not like they make a point of him being a professor and her being a post-grad or something. Which is why I never realised until now.

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Hollywood deliberately making youth critical to female worth?!

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Yeah this was something I only found out thanks to that Twitter trend today. Definitely never realised how old Neill is nor how young she was. But then I was 18 so anyone with a job and a career already seemed a million years old to me.

In the book Grant and Sattler aren’t an item and he’s big into kids, which is a nice move away from cliché and it’s a shame Spielberg brought that in.

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Not sure that would’ve worked in a family friendly movie.


It’s never really mentioned in the film, but in the script the characters are stated to be:

Dr Alan Grant, mid-30s (played by Sam Neill, who was 46 when the film was released)
Dr Ian Malcolm, 40s (played by Jeff Goldblum, who was 41 when the film was released)
Dr Ellie Sattler, late-20s (played by Laura Dern, who was 26 when the film was released)
Dr John Hammond, 80 (played by Richard Attenborough, who was 70 when the film was released)

Sattler isn’t just a post-grad, she’s already a Dr, and there was meant to only be about 6-8 years difference in age between the two of them. In the event, both actors played ‘up’ compared to the script, I think.

How old is Robert Muldoon please.

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(Bob Peck was 48)

Clever Google.


This information really isn’t hard to find - the scripts were all published, with character descriptions etc.

How old was Newman

How new was oldman?


Was New old man how?

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I guess I lost the bet with myself that you’d quibble over framing the act of returning indexed search results as ‘clever’.

Wayne Knight was 38!

See? No one cares.


Fun fact is Newman is actually a week older than the t-rex from Jurassic Park


Lincoln Logs are not a sweet or biscuit. I think I’d assumed they were an American equivalent of a Tunnock’s Caramel Log (God-tier biscuit).

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Think both are pretty common. Have done online courses where the presenters have used both so don’t think either of them are wrong


Think I go for sequel but that’s because I’ve got a little bit of a lisp and the ess-queue bit is a bit of a mouthful

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Even more confusingly we have another “SQL” that the sales people use (sales qualified lead) in my company. (this just means everyone says sequel though so that’s kinda useful I guess)

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