Things you have been slow to realise


This jigsaw maker said so.


I found this out on a work away day when each team had a task to complete a jigsaw made up of pieces they’d collected throughout the day from various stalls. They’d obviously separated the individual pieces and put all the top left pieces on one stall, all the top right pieces on another etc etc.

At the end of the day nobody could actually put the jigsaw together because none of the pieces were from the same original jigsaw, despite having the same content on each piece.


Don’t you see? It’s a metaphor for how in business even if you think you’ve got all the right pieces together they’ll still stubbornly refuse to do their jobs effectively.


The classic Disco ball and Jigsaw episode. Not nearly as popular as the fire engine or bin lorry episodes in our household. Maddie is certainly planting the seeds of a lot of knowledge though. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t know how magnets worked when I was Jimbo’s age.


Connecticut is spelled… that way.


Good one for cryptic crosswords I always think


Haha, doubt it. This post is #totallytopical


The big plant in my office is dying because I haven’t been watering it.

I thought it was someone else’s job. In retrospect, I’m not sure whose job I thought it was.

Do plants drink tea


They do like tea leaves in their soil. Not sure about milk though…




Things marckee has been slow to realise…


You might have almond milk or soy milk in there.


I wouldn’t expose an unassuming plant to the horrors of tea with soy or almond milk personally. Dat’s jus me tho


When Andre 3000 asks what’s cooler than being cool ? in Hey Ya, the answer is not Ice Cool as i previously thought, but Ice Cold


Love the thought of you shouting ‘ice cool’ at some sort of function where Hey Ya is playing, and everyone else (who all know it’s ‘ice cold’) giving you side eyes but not telling you you’re wrong


Just remembered that at work the other day i mentioned how disappointed i’d been when, as a child, i found out that ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand, and my colleague didn’t know. Just wondering if this is a thing anyone else has been slow to realise or if it belongs in the colleague quotes thread.

  • I was aware that ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand
  • They don’t???

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I never really thought about it enough to consider that they might not actually do this.


I’m glad some people knew, as when i checked on this after the first few votes everyone had said they didn’t


When I was about nine years old a teacher asked if I knew where cotton wool came from. I hesitated a little too long and she said, “Ha! You’re from Kent. You should know that wool comes from sheep.” I took her word for it.

Yesterday I was watching a documentary set in the American South and saw some cotton fields. Only then, decades later, did I realise that my junior school teacher was full of crap.



are you saying that cotton wool is just raw cotton straight off the cotton plant cos I did not realise that?