Things you have been slow to realise

That the “not if I see you first” response to saying “see you” is meant to imply the person saying it would hide from you, not that they won the seeing each other competition.

Probably didn’t clock that one until I was in my 30s

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I only learnt this the other day too - maybe it was on here?!?

and just a few days before that I had to explain Kia Ora and it’s ad to an australian cos they didn’t have it there


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have you been having seeing competitions all this time?? :confused:

hasn’t everyone?!


:laughing: oh my

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I don’t know what to say


This makes no sense! Why would you think there was a ‘seeing competition’?

‘See you on Saturday mate! (Gonna get that sweet sweet seeing point!)

‘Not if I see you first! (No way is he getting that seeing point, that’s got my name all over it!!!)

how do you even know who has won the point? Have you ever ever met up with anyone and they’ve been all ‘psyche! Saw you first loser!!! Winner winner winner winner!’

I am at a loss

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I know, but there it is


I think you have been very brave to share with us


Play us out, Dave Grolsch


Huh? Well that’s stupid. Why is anyone implying hiding from someone? That’s creepy.


‘Not if I see you first’

  • Weird hiding thing
  • Innocent seeing competition

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It’s a joke!

The joke is that you don’t want to see the other person, so they say ‘see you later!’ and they say 'not if i see you first HA HA! (i do not wish to associate with you you, so i will hide / avoid you / run away if i see you first (I do really want to see you, this is all a hilarious ‘joke’ lol))



See you later… not if I see you first (in a competition)… but I still see you because you’ve not hidden :confused:

Doesn’t work you weirdos

There’s been some extraordinary stuff in this thread but it’s certainly gone up a notch today.

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No, if you’re both in a supermarket or something browsing then I see you first when I look up from browsing. Its winning at seeing someone in a spontaneous situation, you don’t pre-arange to hide from each other, that would be weird, or are you all arranging hiding competitions and I’m just not invited?

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Hadn’t seen 101 dalmations before and thought that one of the dogs had just had some crazy big litter of 101 or 99 dalmations or something and didn’t realise there were other victims


It just never occurred to me that you might talk to someone, then say “yeah we’ll meet up again sometime” only for the other person to be thinking “nah I’m gonna hide” so duplicitous. So mean. Just wouldn’t even enter my head. Even in jest.

I mean, now I’m more world weary so…

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