Things you have been slow to realise

I don’t get this. Are turtles famous for chewing or something?

I’m assuming so, because I can’t imagine it’s an accidental pun. I would say tortoises look like they’re good at chewing, so turtles too maybe?

I don’t think it’s a pun at all


hmmm. on one hand it’s a pretty weird pun to coin, on the other hand so many of his names are puns/plays on words. Dunno what to think

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I’m not convinced it’s a pun, either. I think it’s just a generic fantasy name, like most of the others in The Colour Of Magic. If I remember right, the puns on names came later, don’t even think Vetinari is named until Sourcery?

FWIW I’ve always pronounced it with a hard T (A-TOO-in), anyway.

Sean Bean’s real name is Shaun Bean, so he chose to use a visually confusing name that looks like it should rhyme but doesn’t

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Sheen Bawn.


I always thought of it as great achooing - as if it were a particularly sneezy turtle.

Googling didn’t give me much, though someone points out Great A’Tuin is an anagram of A True Giant.

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Dora The Explorer. Spanish for girl scout is exploraDORA.


John Stuart Mill and Bertrand Russell were not only contemporaries, Mill was Russell’s godfather! Blows my mind, I pictured them as living them in totally different eras.

(Admittedly they were only contemporaries for a year)

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This has made my day

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I’d say the first 3/4 of the 19th C, and the last 1/4 of the 19th C and first 3/4 of the 20th C are pretty bloody different eras, though.

Yeah they are, I guess it’s just a symptom of how we think of historical periods as distinct and discrete eras when of course they’re not, people can live across many eras. I remember a few years ago listening to an elderly woman on Radio 4 who was reminiscing about meeting Thomas Hardy and performing as a child in a play he had written - he was born in 1840!

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Somewhere in this thread there’s mention of that guy who’s the grandson of one of the early Presidents. In fact I feel like it’s come up twice!

Benjamin Harrison, yeah it does the rounds on Twitter every six months or so

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Do you mean Harrison Ruffin Tyler?

John Tyler was his grandfather (10th president of the United States and was born in 1790).

No I just got the wrong guy

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wait how is vetinari a pun? :no_mouth:

It’s a pun on Medici.

i don’t get it