Things you have been slow to realise

Surely he’s just getting it mixed up with These Are The Days Of Our Lives?


Barry hearne and Eddie hearne are different people

That makes sense actually

I’m a big fan of the No Context (Eddie) Hearne twitter account

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These Are The Days Of Our Lives was written by Roger Taylor.

Yeah, but at the very least, when Mercury recorded it he clearly would’ve been aware of failing health.


Aeroplane is a real word

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Karen Brady is married to Paul Pescholido

kinda assumed Grey’s Anatomy finished several years ago

it is currently in its 17th season


I never realised until today that the same guy produced all of these tracks

And I only realised because he died today

RIP Steve Brown - that’s some solid work right there

he also produced this

he was only 62 :confused:


She sold him once

Kind of related to this:

Not sure whether this is a ‘slow to realise’ or an ‘amazing fact!’ but:

Terry Butcher and Pat Nevin are cousins.

  • Slow to realise
  • Amazing fact!

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I would say amazing is pushing it but good fact


3rd option: Partridge Shrug

…that the Lucky Cat is Japanese in origin not Chinese

Seems this is common going off the wiki page at least.

about to find out what ‘Chuck-E-Cheese’ is

cartoon mouse?
type of cheese?
theme park?

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cartoon restaurant mascot with links to theme parks



Air Force One isn’t a special mega individual plane, whatever plane the president travels in becomes Air Force One for that journey.

(But in practice there are 2 planes in service and they usually use one of them).

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Similarly, Marine One is if its the (marines helicopter) with the Pres :helicopter: and Air Force Two / Marine Two for the VP (if they’re not travelling with the Pres).

Can’t remember which Van Damme / Seagal movie taught me that :muscle: :laughing: