Things you have been slow to realise

Just a sort of non sequitor isn’t it

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Gil Scott-Heron was the voice for the “You know when you’ve been tangoed” line.

Seminal American jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron was hired to perform the voice who says the slogan at the end because of “his deep, charismatic voice;” Scott-Heron was the first person to see the final advert, and, much to the relief of a fearful Robinson, he loved it



Michael Schur, creator of the Good Place, co-creator of Parks and Rec and Brooklyn 99 - also plays Mose in the US Office!


When I first encountered it the punchline was “one of its legs is both the same” and looking online there are other answers.

One blog had your exact answer claiming the ‘joke’ is that you expect a plural in the question and get a singular while the opening of the answer is a singular but results in a plural. Fuck that. It’s just a nonsense thing like Lewis Carroll.


He was a lead writer and executive producer on a lot of it too!


Very rude to give himself the best role


Yep. Like @laelfy says, it just feels like another absurdist non sequitur thing. There are a few common ones knocking about.

My dad had one ending “… I’ve got my bike outside.” Something to do with a chip shop, I think.

Did a search and there was a version with a bakers.

Man walks into a bakers and asks for a loaf of bread.
Baker turns round and asks “Do you want White or Brown”
Man replies “It doesnt matter I’ve got my bike outside”

And another one that feels familiar, about a dog eating a blind man’s car keys.

Two dogs are in the park.
One dog says, “Man! I can’t s**t!”
The other dog says, “You shouldn’t’ve eaten that blind man’s car keys!”

Which kind of is an actual joke…

I think you’re meant to say, ‘but a blind man wouldn’t have car keys’ and then the teller of the joke would also point out that dogs can’t talk?


Two biscuits rolling down a hill,
one says to the other “where do you live?”
to which the other replies “I’m not telling you, you might steal my washing”

@wikihock’s duck one gets a mention, too.

As also mentioned in that link, there’s an element of ‘test’ or ‘trick’ about them…

Remember that one from school, usually told to see if the victim was the sort of person who would laugh because everyone else was and not admit to not undertanding the joke.


Aaaargh, meant @froglet, not @laelfy.

An avatar-centric mind-filing mishap, there.

Apologies, both.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets (well, got I suppose :frowning: ) those avatars confused.

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The famous My Neighbour Totoro poster features a character who isn’t actually in the film!


The brand name SONOS looks the same upside down and there is a reason for that


I have this on my wall and never noticed, oops

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Soy sauce comes from soya beans

I am sauce!


Swedes are turnips. Swede is short for Swedish turnip.



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Rota is just short for rotation, as in a rotation of shifts.

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Rotate comes from rota (latin for wheel)

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In the US they call them Rutabagas. Fucking weird term.

There’s even a chart

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I thought this was about rotas.