Things you have been slow to realise

They’re both fine puns in different contexts. The former is an actual joke based around a pun so obviously it’s better. If I was working as a commentator and called my company Common Tater the pun would be the same but contextually it would be a bit shit.

I think we’re on solid ground here, when Theo is debating whether or not a word-based pun works…


What is Dans Le Sac a pun on?

A normal name that has Le in it?

but his name is Dan Stephens

I have no idea what you’re on about.

okay well look at it this way - would The Codfather be a good name for any shop, because it’s a pun on the Godfather, or is it only a good pun when it is applied to a fish & chip shop.

I can’t decide if I knew this already or not. I mean I must have done because it’s so obvious. But yesterday I was looking up why horses needed shoes fitting to their hooves, and saw a photo of a horseshoe on the Wikipedia page, and suddenly was like ‘holy shit horseshoes aren’t just some abstract good luck objects they are literally the shoes of horses’.

I must have known this. Please.


Been holding off posting this because it just blew my mind so much but I only recently realised that Richard Osman’s brother is Mat Osman, the bass player in Suede.


Unsure if I knew then forgot because I find the non Anderson / Codling / Butler members so unmemorable or just never knew. Woah.

I knew Richard Osman worked at Endemol but I didn’t realise he only left last year

Major Fraud: Charles Ingram took place the day before 9/11

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Remember remember the 8th of November.

Pen knives are called pen knives because they used to be used to sharpen quill pens


Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS trainers have the same logo/design because they are (essentially) the same company

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Oh i always thought onitsuka tiger was a brand of Asics

It is, but also Asics was known as Onitsuka before a rebrand and expansion into other sectors that took place in the 1970s.

Just found out Lucy Davis (Dawn from the Office) is Jasper Carrots daughter.

How the fuck did I only just learn this?


I knew once but had forgotten but now I remember


The word is tantamount not tatamount. Thankfully I speak too fast, so hopefully when I’ve used it in the past it’s not been particularly discernable.