Things you have been slow to realise

There used to be a Cafe Insomnia in Glasgow that some of the older Glasgow DiSsers will remember but I think it was named that because it was open all night.

Yup. Annoyingly a us spellchecker will mark enquire as a mistake.

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When I work for a US client of mine I have to work in their app which is obviously set to US English, so I’ve had this drummed into me pretty hard! I really like enquire as well because it’s a softer form that’s less interrogative.

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Yep. The 24 hour licensing was pretty big news at the time. It’s also the place that Aidan “didnae like the look ae” in First Big Weekend.


Oh wow. Did it serve booze?

The word is tangential and not tangenital

That’s when you sunbathe without any speedos on



Jan was in friends


Genuinely thought the adjective “mint” as in “great” was invented by, or by a fellow pupil (not me! :smiley: ) as a tribute to the nickname of this guy at mid-90s Corbridge County Middle School.

The word is Pasokification and not Pasofikation

A large percentage of Hasidic Jews are anti-Israel/Zionism.

yes I just watched Unorthodox on Netflix