Things you have been slow to realise

Just found out what the plural is. You can add an s, or just use gnu. Not sure if you knew that, or what your preference is. It’s gnus to me, though.


I grew up listening to this and I only just found out it was from The Muppets…

Flanders & Swann originally, I think


I think this song is why that episode of the Muppets is not on Disney+. It’s the Chris Langham episode, but it’s due to music rights issues that it’s not on there. The same thing happened with the Brooke Shields episode where they sing songs from the Wizard Of Oz.

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I learn something gnu every day on here.


The founders of Waitrose were Wallace Waite and Arthur Rose. The was also a David Taylor but he seems to have lost out in the naming


Suppose Wall-Art would have been a bit too problematic


Always thought Berwick upon Tweed was in Scotland. Just learnt its this side of the border.

Is this me being ‘at it’?

The football team play in the Scottish leagues (so you’ll have heard them in that section of the football results being read out), and the town has been Scottish for significant periods in its history, so it’s an easy mistake to make.

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