Things you have been slow to realise

I don’t know how to break this to you…

You don’t think that gif is Dominic West? Hmmm…

No I think it’s Craig Charles (see above)

Hawaii 5-0… hawaii is the 50th state!!!


Oh my.

I’d always assumed ‘Five-O’ as slang for the Po-lice existed before the TV show and that’s why it was called that. But it seems to be the other way round and you’re right about why the show is called Hawaii Five-O.

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What the actual fuck! I’ve been buying that fucker thinking it was cream. This is ridiculous.

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I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one.

more than 6 here m8

theres more than 6 in loads, he’s talking shite.

2 out of 7 facts are made up.

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Something I have been slow to realise: @incandenza liked that post I linked to before making the comment that I replied to with the post I linked to

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But what is it if its not cream?

It definitely has dairy in.

Basically buttermilk, vegetable oil and additives.

its the cream equivalent of I Cant Believe its not Butter

Not proper dairy but not vegan friendly either

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Is it long life?

I knew it wasn’t proper cream but I didn’t exactly know what it was.

easier to measure it’s half life probably

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It takes longer to go off once it’s opened than real cream. Not sure how long it’s shelf-stable compared to real cream, probably a while.

i have just found out from that Kaleidoscope Festival thread that Beth Orton and Beth Jeans Houghton are different people (i’ve never heard either’s music)

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I know Beth Orton’s brother so I’m more clued up on her than I would be otherwise.