Things you have been slow to realise

Nah, I just got a trailer for Uncharted as a YouTube ad & it was timed too perfectly to be a coincidence.

Okay I looked it up & in 2016 articles were claiming it was for auto play in newsfeeds, which does sound about right for 2016. Why movie trailers now begin with five-second ads for themselves - The Verge

But the one I got was definitely timed to try & make me not skip the ad. So maybe we can both be right. :smile:

I mean it’s certainly not beyond possibility for YT to fling an ad up like that. But when trailer trailers happen generally they are stuck onto the start of the video. Ie if you rewind to the start of the video you’ll see the trailer trailer again; if it’s a YT trailer it only appears once.

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This was stuck on to the start of the video. The ad was the whole trailer, but the mini-trailer finished at the point where I could skip it, thereby avoiding watching the full trailer for Uncharted, which I was being shown as an ad.

(Joke’s on them, I already watched the trailer for Uncharted this morning, so their ad money was wasted.)

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It says “Hipster Laundry Basket” because you carry it against your hip not because… well I’m not sure what I thought really.




Kia ora means hello in Maori

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“It’s always in the last place you look” is literal, not just exasperation

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That’s just something you have learned surely. You were never going to magically realise it were you?

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isn’t that everything?

Yeah but “realised” implies something you should maybe have already known.

I think dots can be forgiven for not knowing what Kia Ora meant. I was also ignorant until approximately 1h ago.


Yeah, but Kia Ora was a drink back in the 80s, so there’s 30 odd years of not knowing (sorry @dots )

Unless of course dots has adopted a young Maori child they’ve been calling Kia Ora.



Fair point.

Also I was lying about not knowing. How could I not know that?

I think @RenOrStimpy’s point is valid in the sense that at no point in the UK does Kia Ora tend to get mentioned so of course it’s just a name. The racist (certainly IMO) classic advert cartoon from the 80s (CW etc Kia Ora - We All Adore a Kia Ora (Advert Jury) - YouTube) leans heavily on Caribbean/American imagery music too. So while we’ve had 30 years to find out it’s not like there was any particular reason we’d know there was something to find out.

buuuuuuut, this thread is probably 50% stuff that you haven’t realised because no one ever told you and you had no idea there was something to even realise!! :smiley:

If you’re like me it’s frequently not literally true though. I regularly just look too poorly to note the thing in question so it’s quite often in a place I looked quite early on.


“it’s always in the last of the places which you had previously glanced at” - Theo, probably


I keep looking after I’ve found it, just to spite the saying makers


Something being “iffy” basically comes from there being a lot of ifs, so it’s uncertain.


Greta Thunberg’s mum was on Eurovision


Allspice isn’t a spice mix, it’s one spice that happens to taste like a mix of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.