Things you have been slow to realise


No worries. I think they’re all on Netflix. I liked them all and Black Book is really good.


* danish (good film though)


Add Max Manus to that - about the Norwegian Resistance.

That’s a really good point @billywhizz makes, I can’t think of anything particularly about the French Resistance.

There’s Charlotte Gray and an old 80s drama series called Wish Me Luck, but they’re about SOE agents more than the Resistance.


Army of Shadows by Joseph Kessel, who was in the Resistance and also - oddly - wrote Belle de Jour. AoS was made into a classic film by Jean-Pierre Melville, who was also a member of the Resistance.


Can this be real?


I think this is a coincidence, the east London Isle of Dogs (which I assume is the original) is called that because it’s where the royal hunting hounds were raised while the monarch lived at Greenwich.


This makes so much sense now.


Are you sure they didn’t name it that because they fucking love dogs?


Isle Of Man

I love man

Isle Of Man

I love man



I was a child and I understood him to be an undercover British officer with laughably imperfect French.


Isle of wight
I love whites
All racists


It’s I Love Wights - bunch of ghostfuckers.


Yes, that’s what he was. I never realised this when watching it as a kid.


‘A twist in the tail’
’A twist in the tale’

I always thought it was ‘tail’ but now see people using ‘tale’ as the correct version. Have I been wrong all these years?


depends if you’re talking about a story or a cat


Sting in the tail
Twist in the tale


His French accent is deliberately silly because he is meant to have a shit French accent because he’s a Brit in disguise. I only ever watched a couple of episodes and I understood this.


Aha! So the Marckee has become the Marckee’d


I’m sure even @marckee enjoys his own running gag being run at him.


It’s not long life as I think that stuff is all UHT that can be stored outside of a fridge.

But Elmlea has a useby of a month or maybe two if it’s unopened so you can buy well in advance and store in your fridge. Once opened it only keeps about 5-7 days in my experience, a few days longer than regular cream.