Things you have been slow to realise

Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you

Probably not nearly as significantly if you’re a piss-drinker, I guess.

Can we hear more about this

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All-round GBOL

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Its thursday. all this talk of what is and isn’t good for your face and yet no one has gone there.

Bravo everyone.

aside from that what a ridiculous thread :smiley:

(a bar of soap always feels far worse for my face than shower gel for what its worth. superdry!)

Same, and my skin is as smooth and soft as an old grapefruit. Take that, Big Shower! (I literally just use shampoo all over me, but I’m extremely fortunate because I have very tough, unreactive skin [that I don’t particularly care about] so I can get away with being this lackadaisical. Also I’m surprisingly hairy, so it makes enough sense to do so)

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Next you’ll be telling me you wash your legs in the shower


Posting in the correct thread, then :smiley:

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Really hope i dont get asked what i’m smirking about

What are you smirking about?

Dweebs :wink:


Still laughing at this.

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Linking for a friend…

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“Semen” is Latin for seed. So a seminal work of art is one that was the seed of inspiration for many others.


It’s called an air horn because it uses condensed air to make the noise

James Sawyer Reaction GIF


Edit: I get what you mean now


That there is a 3300 mile long, 6 foot high fence in Australia to keep dingoes out of the farmlandy bits


Had no idea about this. Cool.

“Don’t get high off your own supply” originated from Scarface!

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