Things you have been slow to realise


Wtf, it’s not pain staking?!?


Why would you stake out pain?

Nice one Emilio estevez and/or richard dreyfuss


We live and learn. Which is better than the opposite.


This is a bit more obscure than the average thing here but… I bought this record years and years ago.

Here’s the other side…

And I thought: What a fucking weird sleeve for a record like this.


And tonight I played it out DJing at my local pub and a friend asked what it was. I showed her and she said, “Is that the George Young whose something to do with AC/DC and the Easybeats.”

No, I don’t think so, I replied. Look at the b-side’s title. It’s obviously something from Detroit.

So I looked it up and… the guy on the sleeve is actually the guy on the record. Weird sleeve for such a funky and soulful kind of record but… it’s him. And for years I thought it was a totally unconnected photo.


not having this


Not me, but my son has recently twigged that if players get hurt in real life they don’t automatically get hurt on FIFA, and vice versa.


I was once in denial too


Not automatically, although they do get shifted into the reserves by the game and if you then put them into your team there is a high chance they will break down with an injury


I guess this is a bit too niche even for DiS.


This I never got because I think I must have been introduced to the term fine tooth with combs at a young age.


Does anyone really think there’s a comb for your teeth?


Roy’s Rolls in Coronation Street is a pun on Rolls Royce




Is that a thinly veiled reference to head lice ?


:laughing: is it??

I’m trying to say rolls royce to sound like roys rolls but its not quite getting there


Say it over and over and you’ll be saying ‘Rolls Roy’s’, won’t you?

It’s weak, granted.


This is like when @marckee claimed the title of the film Con-Air was a pun on air-con



Is that why the horse is called red rum?


So near so rolls