Things you have been slow to realise


Erinsborough is an anagram of Neighbours.(sort of)




no it’s not! (you saved yourself with an edit)


We were told this on the NEIGHBOURS TOUR in Melbourne and I’ve only just realised there’s too many Rs


Not quite, but I remember reading something years ago where the writers said that that was how they came up with the name


oh it’s one of those “wharf stands for warehouse at riverfront” things where it’s not a fact but now people say it is.


I found out today why Neil Warnock is ‘affectionately’ known as Colin: his name is an anagram of Colin Wanker


Surely though


get a refund tbh



And David Ginola is an anagram of Vaginal Dildo


It appears in The Shining, the kid keeps hearing or sensing the phrase Red Rum, and eventually works out what it means.

I thought that the horse’s name came from the book, but apparently:

Red Rum was so named when his original owner took the last three letters from the names of his dam and sire - Mared and Quorum


Wayne Mark Rooney is an anagram of Anyway Reek Moron


He’s not Armand Van Helsing


Listening to All Killa No Filla and only just clocked that Gianni Versace was killed in America.

When this happened I think I just heard the name (which I recognised) and presumed he’d be Italian and living in Italy.

I mean even at the time this revealed a ‘thing I was slow to realise’ which is that ‘Versace’ was pronounced ‘versaatchi’ and so until his murder I hadn’t even realised that spoken name referred to that logo I saw all over the place. My mum’s friend had the same reaction so I’m not sure if maybe TV ads with perfumes and the like weren’t very common then so you didn’t hear and see the name?

(Or else I’m just displaying my NO FASHION credentials in the hope of plaudits from @Antpocalypsenow)


Red Rum is murder spelt backwards


Never realised @roastthemonaspit has never seen the shining


I have! I must have blanked it out.


Man, this is going to blow @urbanfox’s mind…


I realised that Michael Jackson’s The Man In The Mirror is a song about HIMSELF (and not some kind of other character like a ghost or some shit) at a worryingly adult age.