Things you have been slow to realise

Wonderful :smile:


F found it to be just a lot of punching and hard to engage with due to lots of periods where Marion isn’t present.

Reckon I showed her around age 7?

Can’t remember the last time I physically touched my PlayStation for anything beyond changing game disc.


I may have posted this before maybe but I was just looking at the keyboard here at work. One specific row of letters

and then I clocked it

@zxcvbnm2 (but without the 2)

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how have you been switching it off?

The button on the machine…

Saving your legs x2 happening soon

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My controller broke yesterday though :weary:

It’s definitely not worth skimping on cost and buying a non-Sony controller, is it?

If you also use it on PC, maybe; if not, no.

I would buy an official one and also research how to fix your old one online. Maybe you’ll end up with a good backup?

I never realised that coukd switch it off. Mine only ever puts it in sleep mode

The battery is easy to replace if thats all it is ?

Parry Grip - the source of many many irritating google home interruptions…

is the chap from Nerf Herder (90s pop punk/buffy theme (as if anyone here didn’t know the latter)


My daughter does sing the bit from this but I didn’t know what the source was.

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I would recommend steering clear as they are all earworms.

Space Unicorn is a good un though :smiley:


ha that makes sense - it’s all about Pancake Robot in this house and it’s definitely got that 90s pop punk vibe

I made up a scatalogical version to amuse the kids

The pancake robot is coming to town
He’s mixing up the batter and he’s making it brown
Buttmilk, poo-berry, chocolate chip (wink wink)
50 million pancakes, he’s gonna shit


This is my favourite


my kids are going to love that :smiley:


No it’s one of the directional buttons that thinks it’s permanently placed down. I’ve done the swabby thing but the screws are fucked so I can’t take it apart. Bought a new one yesterday because they seem to be in stock hardly anywhere which makes me wonder if they’ve stopped making them.