Things you have been slow to realise


If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and make a change



Yeah yeah I know. When I was a kid I probably didn’t know what the phrase meant and always assumed it was a spooky 3rd party or something. Didn’t own Bad either so didn’t really know the song in depth like I do his Thriller numbers. Just carried that thought around for far too long.


Worrying for MJ?






Always thought the song Ferry Crossed the Mersey was actually Fairy Crossed the Mersey and it was about a dog or a woman or something called Fairy. Well imagine my surprise when I found out it is actually just about a ferry.


Doesn’t even rhyme ffs


So near so ferry


Most drivers are slow to pull away from traffic lights because they’re sitting with their foot on the brake pedal rather then using the clutch or handbrake.


After listening to and loving Big Star’s September Girls for years it finally clicked what the lyrics are all about

September Girls refers to the girls in your school year who were the eldest (as they were born in September) and when you are a youngster a few months seems to make a huge difference, so if you are a “December Boy” then those girls seem super grown up and unattainable

Was this obvious to everyone else


Alright Clarkson






file that as the other thing I didn’t realise about the song


Wouldn’t normally have corrected you, but I love that spelling. Didn’t realise your original point either though, don’t think I ever really paid attention to the lyrics before.


surely if you were born in december you’d only be 2 months younger than them, and the youngest kids in the year would be those born in august?


yeah but “August Boys” doesn’t scan as well


a county is so called because it was traditionally ruled by a count


How under-developed food/nutritional science is in comparison to other sciences or other forms of intellectual inquiry. For hundreds of years people have been asking questions about our existence but never really stopped to think about what humans consume for sustenance


Thanks to Googling for this low-level quip

I now know that it’s “Nights in White Satin” and is a song about sexy bedsheets, not Knights in White Satin, some hippie shit referencing medieval stuff like so many bands seemed to be into at the time.