Things you have been slow to realise


I always thought it was Knights (when I was a kid and into LoTR and that).
It’s also a joke in the Sopranos, Tony’s Russian (?) girlfriend keeps calling him her “knight in white satin armour”.


I guess I didn’t know it was a joke when I watched that (or never paid attention)! Ha.


No because Scotch school years were split March-February when I was a lad.

Also, I’ve never heard the song.


Still do, to this day.


I hope this is true because I’m passing that fact on


Same reason I always typo it as “cunty”.


well crusader kings 2 told me so :nerd_face:

makes sense though doesn’t it, like duchy or barony


Wait, what does pass the dutchie to the left hand side mean?

And who does that mean is in charge of a country :wink:

(Note: not my gag).


I think it’s true in a broad sense but the English peerage has never had counts, so it’s not like there was ever a Count of Yorkshire or anything.


No wonder the ruler of the country insisted on being addressed as your majesty or lord protector.


Are you enjoying CK2? I’m DiS’s resident CK2 expert.


Keep passing the joint round?

(Assume you were just making a Duchy/Dutchie gag, TBH)


Wikipedia in fact says:

The British and Irishequivalent is an earl (whose wife is a “countess”, for lack of an English term).


just realised why the shop Iceland is called Iceland.

*we don’t have them in Ireland


Yes I did know that, but passing the duchy would mean passing a piece of land around… oh never mind


You don’t want ice around your frozen food though, do you?


Band of Gypsys is better than most of the Experience stuff.


Even then, English counties have never strictly been aligned with Earldoms, or Dukedoms, or Baronetcies or whatever else.


Yeah it sounds like a QI Klaxon waiting to happen to me


We do have viscounts (basically, vice-counts) between earls and barons in the nobility ranks.