Things you have been slow to realise


Orange > Mint


Both terrible. Should be sent straight to landfill like Blue Ribands.


The Viscount of Lancash


We should probably take this to the vidya games thread but I just started playing CK2 recently despite owning it for ages and not really getting it and now I’m hooked. I’ve also picked up Victoria II as well but I’m finding it almost incomprehensible in comparison to CK2. Have you ever tried it?


No, CK2 and EU4 are my Paradox grand strategy jams.


It’s actually the title of the episode.


The male Womack in Womack & Womack isn’t Bobby




Womack & Womack were Cecil and Linda.

Cecil was Bobby’s brother (and was in the Valentinos with their other brothers, Harry, Friendly and Curtis).

Linda was Sam Cooke’s daughter.


If only they’d thought of Womack and Womack and Womack and Womack. :frowning:


oh only picked it up for a bit last night and haven’t finished the tutorial yet. seems like something I could get very, very into though


Something I didn’t know until recently though:

Bobby Womack married Sam Cooke’s widow and then had an affair with Linda (who was by then his stepdaughter but yet to become his sister-in-law)


They probably didn’t know much genealogy.

[This is my second use of basically the same Sam Cooke joke in a week here]


It’s a good one, tbf


…and Womack


I have been slow to realise that the music board should be renamed the Make Every Thread About Smashing Pumpkins Board


If by chance I happen to sire another child (remote chance but never say never) I will absolutely definitely call said child ‘Friendly’


the tv show lady dynamite (rip) is a pun on princess diana’s nickname - lady di.




i know