Things you have been slow to realise

Someone has probably said this before, but I was today years old when I noticed there are two effs in Caffé Nero


Oooh this is a good one, I had no idea what that was about

Some fun etymology I just found out:

‘caffè’ is Italian for coffee (and cafe) and the other European language words are all based on that. ‘coffee’ got to English through Dutch ‘koffie’, ‘cafe’ got to English through French ‘café’, ‘cafeteria’ got to English through Spanish ‘cafetería’.


Bit weird to give a plant, a drink made from that plant, and a place that sells that drink all the same word tbh.

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Being picky here but not quite true that all European languages took their word for coffee from Italian. It’s from Arabic originally and some European languages picked it up from Turkish rather than Italian


Yeah you’re right, I meant the few western european languages that I’d checked

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Elliott Gould and Barbara Streisand were married for like 8 years.

Vibe is short for vibration

Sangria is basically cold mulled wine without the wintry spices

And much better for it.

tbf a cup of cold earwax is preferable to mulled wine

Angry Santa Claus GIF by SWR3


An Italian is the 100m Mens Olympic champion.


There are two David Mitchells. Just thought that Peepshow fella was v prolific.


just read a reddit thread with a similar subject and i have just found out

  • kippers aren’t a species of fish themselves
  • parking meters which say ‘no return for 2 hours’ or whatever doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to return to your car until 2 hours has passed

Wait, what do they mean?

You can’t drive around the block and park up in the same spot again


Oh wait i had mismisunderstood.

Vestige doesn’t rhyme with prestige.

That would be a bit mad though; you’d get a load of people standing on pavements, looking at their watches and tutting.

It’s there to stop someone parking for 2 hours, then moving their car to another space a few yards away.