Things you have been slow to realise


I have realised that in 2018 it is possible to have a thread about the Smashing Pumpkins which has over 1000 posts in it.

I also learned in that thread that the Stone Temple Pilots apparently released more than two albums.


I pledged Elvis to be my next (never going to happen) child’s name.


The band name ‘the la’s’ is just scouse for the lads


There you go


Was absolutely certain the Megabus sign had a pig as a driver. To the extent i shouted out ‘pig on a bus!’ to my bemused family (and a few passers-by) whilst waiting at a bus stop.

Turns out its a picture of a human bus driver. Huh.


To be fair, he is a very pink human bus driver.




This has done me.


That it’s actually incredibly easy to put a shimano cassette onto a freehub. You don’t have to spend ages turning each cog until you find it’s position - you just have to spend a second lining it up with your eyes.



That Fast Cars by Buzzcocks isn’t necessarily quite as political as I thought

Turns out ‘listen to Ralph Nader’ is a reference to book he wrote about cars

not to his attempts to run as a non-Democrat/Republican Presidential Candidate

(P.S. that is the best Buzzcocks song.)


Oh Theo…


He sings I can feel it *coming* in the air tonight, not calling. Weird.


Used to see these t-shirts and wonder why such a shite band could be so popular…


Similarly, i was confused a few years back why teenage girls had suddenly got into the beastie boys best album.


I was slow to work out realise this… :laughing:


I just realised Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves are two different films, and only one of them is a comedy.


Cervical can mean relating to the neck and the cervix!

Was reading about this amazing breakthrough in treating people with paralysis with non-invasive cervical stimulation. There was a video showing before and after of some women and then some men carrying out simple tasks with their hands, and showing the improvement after the treatment. I was like how the fuck have they stimulated a guy’s cervix? Do guys HAVE cervices?! I did not know that. Then I had a quick google of ‘cervix’.


ynot is tony backwards.

Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory

Holy shit