Things you have been slow to realise


if you put “80085” into a calculator it spells “titties”


ik, r





When OJ Simpson was released, I read extensivly about his case, about his history in American Football etc. I must have read that his nickname was juice over 100 times.

It was only months later that I realised his nickname comes from OJ i.e. orange juice.



I have just learned that the plural of cervix is cervices. Not something you often talk about more than one of, tbf. ‘Morning ladies, how are your cervices today?’


your grandmother’s sister is your grandaunt, not great aunt


woah woah woah what


yeah no



As an extra, his offensive line (the big lads who blocked for him so he could be such a good runner) in the mid-70s were nicknamed the Electric Company, because they turned on the Juice.


“On the way to Leeds, I needed the toliet so stopped at the cervices on the M1”


it only just occurred to me that @1101010’s profile picture is HAL. I saw someone else using it as an avatar in some comments section and thought “NO WAY, IT’S OBVIOUSLY THEO” before realising that that isn’t yer man Theo’s actual face but the popular fictional existential computer from 2001


Just remembered why HAL is called HAL: initials were chosen as they are alphabetically one letter different from IBM


(I’ve read before that this is actually coincidental, but I call bullshit on that)


That’s a factoid, I’m afraid.


Just discovered the word factoid isn’t a Ned Flanders-style take on the word fact.


No it is coincide


Does this mean the factoid section on Steve Wright in the Afternoon are all made up?

My whole life is a lie!


Did you know that Edinburgh is closer To New Zealand than it is to London?