Things you have been slow to realise


Today I learnt that Leonard Nimroy’s Vulcan hand salute is based off a sign used in Orthodox Jewish synagogues to represent the letter ש


…ooohhhhhh I get it now


I’ve just realised the inherent beauty in all things.


citation needed




A baby lamb, clingfilm, Three Men and a Little Lady, Stephane Chapuisat’s first yawn of the morning. Need I go on?


…i yield.


Do you have direct line of sight into Stephane’s bedroom? I’d have a word with the council planning department about that; sounds like he didn’t get full permission for that window. At best, he should’ve had the builders use frosted glass.


No I have cameras in the bedrooms of all of Switzerland’s Euro 96 squad.

Kubilay Türkyilmaz is currently curling one out in the en suite with door open.


He always looked the type to do this.
I hope you are respecting Roy Hodgson’s privacy; a man of that age and stature deserves as much.


Only just made the connection between kiwi fruit and New Zealand


Karrimor = carry more


Lacoste = $$$




Rebrand of chinese gooseberry when farmers in New Zealand started to export it, innit?


the podcast i listen to is on spotify when i’ve been using the absolutely terrible site they post directly too


only just realised that the black country is called that because of all the coal industry and that, had never really thought about it


AND the pudding.


Just realised how much I miss

post titles


It’s impossible to pee and fart at the same time.