Things you have been slow to realise


Shawn Keaveny has just been on about this on 6 music


Then played Club Foot, and made a pun about proper sandwiches and blowing the roof off?

Hi Shaun/Sean/Shawn!


stop talking and play music Shaun/Sean/Shawn


Format Painter is the best thing in Word. Possibly on computers.


It’s up there with the Snipping Tool, that’s for sure


Have you not played my excel game?


I’ve got too much Zelda to do today, can’t be getting sucked into that time sink.


I realised the other day what @wonton’s name/avatar references :,)


Have you been watching Garth Marenghi?

I’m always disappointed that I picked that name before I realised that I didn’t have to go with proper nouns for usernames. “Plus Actor” or “Dreamweaver” would’ve been miles better


Why Joe Root wears number 66


That @TheWza’s profile pic is of a urinal, which could be described as a “wizzer”


It’s one of my all time faves :heart:


How very dare you!? That’s a Fountain you infernal peasant!

(Hadn’t made the wizzer connection, either. :open_mouth: )


I assumed you were du champ of wordplay

oh my what wit


Year of his birth, mate.


On the radio this morning they played Lykke Li and pronounced it ‘lik-eh le’ whereas I’ve always said ‘like lie’. Does this count?


at the weekend I realised that the film Trading Places has a double meaning in the title - in that the 2 main characters physically “trade places” but also the film is set in the world of financial “trading places”

My friend, quite rightly, thought I was a fucking idiot


Not Like-Ly


‘Licky Lee’


I watched mother! at the weekend. Only realised afterwards that the whole thing was a biblical allegory