Things you have been slow to realise


Makes more sense than James to be fair


There was a specific song called do the conga

I thought the dance was ONLY applicable to that song. Whereas it is just a style of dance, a rhythm, and not always in a line either


What about this particular conga song:


There was a great conga scene in hollyoaks the other day


That it’s a good idea to buy a tablet if you spend nearly 3 hours a day on public transport


Is that riverdale?




All tortoiseshell cats are female




Might prefer it to twin peaks


Woah. Apparently it’s the same with calico, too.


Something do with chromosomes: XX XY YY or something


all cats are female


Most of the invertebrates you see are female, particularly bees and spiders


That Virginia and West Virginia are separate states.


How much of an influence Ennio Morricone has been on people whose records I buy.

I’d read that there were influences in the past, but in my head Ennio Morricone is intrinsically linked to the theme to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, which doesn’t sound like anything I’d buy. But then last week I downloaded some compilations which had some of his other work and the penny has finally dropped.

The problem for me now is that he’s so prolific I don’t know where to start in catching up.


Harry Potter:

Knockturn Alley - nocturnally
Diagon Alley - diagonally

Only just realised, am sat reading the programme for a “Nocturne” event today and it clicked.

Feel SO fucking dumb :laughing:

😂 😂


that the lyric in Blue Monday is “I can and shall obey”.


As opposed to…?
(I always thought that, because it follows ‘I see a ship in the harbour’ there is a tendency to think ‘something something shallow bay…’)


Yes exactly that. I’m very lazy with lyrics, so never really tried to work out what the shallow bay was exactly. And in my defence there’s limited enlightenment to be gleaned from analysing New Order lyrics.

I was just amused that a song I’ve heard a bajillion times over thirty years suddenly produced a moment of clarity during an ad break just before the tennis :-).