Things you have been slow to realise


I am possibly the last person in the world to realise that Rev. Richard Coles was in the Communards.

Sorry :flushed:


Wish he still was. Then he wouldn’t be on the radio being boring so often.


Every time I hear them on the radio I wonder how they got away with some of them. Really weak lyrically


i liked this having done it before


There was a Red Bull Music Academy podcast with Edgar Wright where he tells a great story about how, iirc, Morricone once lifted one of his scores wholesale from a previous film he’d worked on because he knew not many people had seen the first film. There was another story about a different composer doing the same, which was funnier bc the second film won (or was nominated for?) a soundtrack Oscar despite having the same score as some forgotten post-Star Wars B-movie


Or on television so regularly…


Very much this. Couldn’t give the slightest shit what most bands are singing as long as it sounds good alongside the music.

And I always thought it was “something, something shallow bay.”


What if it’s meant to be ambiguous?

I see a ship in the harbour
I can and shall obey

I see a ship in the harbour
A cannon, shallow bay


As colin says upthread:

Doubt they were ever sophisticated enough to do ‘ambiguity’ tbh


No, but it’s quite easy to imagine Barney forgetting the lyrics between takes.


They’re still going, you know. Music : Complete is a great album!


Yeah I think sometimes singers intentionally use lyrics that can be taken in more than one way because they sound like other words, like in ‘How Soon Is Now’ I’ve always liked how ‘I am the son and the heir’ sounds exactly like ‘I am the sun and the air’ and I’m sure it’s not coincidence. Often lyrics are about how nice something sounds rather than what it actually means (‘I see a shallow bay’ is what I heard but Blue Monday of all songs is not really about the words, is it?).


Likewise Nirvana, recently read that Kurt Cobain wrote the lyrics to the songs on Nevermind on the way to the studio when they were about to record them so really, don’t look for any meaning in those songs.


This is one of my enduring pleasures when a new Half Man Half Biscuit album comes out. On the lyrics project site the fans immediately start analysing every word down to the last syllable, constructing ever more tortuous theories about the lyrics, when it’s abundantly clear that Nigel just bollocksed up the odd word and they couldn’t be arsed doing another take. Anyone who’s ever seen them live knows this; sometimes they even restart songs because he gets so messed up.

A classic example is playing out on “Knobheads on Quiz Shows” at the moment. It’s abundantly clear that one of the lines at the end is him shouting “Hickstead” repeatedly at the telly in frustration at the contestant’s ignorance, but some of them are convincing themselves there’s several different words being sung, for god knows what obscure reasons.


Listening to the Dissect podcast on MBDTF, it was interesting to hear the host talk about how many lyrics on the album are ambiguous, like whether Kanye says “Nas flow” or “nice flow”, or “suicide” vs “so excited”.


Three Lions is the same tune as God Only Knows




I heard the other day that when Cedric wrote the lyrics to Mars Volta songs he would originally just sing sounds to the music and then would try and find words that sounded like the noises. Sometimes he couldn’t find anything and just sang the noises instead.


Say what?


Found out yesterday that it’s tenterhooks, not tenderhooks

Always thought it was tender hooks