Things you have been slow to realise


*peddle stool


Waiting with baited breath for these gags to stop.


That everyone.
You know.
Will die.


These gags have both wet my appetite and peaked my interest!


Happiness makes me cry


Ditto. Not phased by them at all.


I did actually conduct a reasonably comprehensive search to see if this Had Already Been Done ffs.


my own potential :exploding_head:


Luckily you’re in a thread where you can be slow to realise these things


this one is really annoying when people point it out because champ and chomp mean basically the same thing so fuck off xylo


Uruguay are the World Cup Chompions!


Simon & Garfunkel (and therefore DJ Shadow) sampled these guys for El Condor Pasa (and therefore You Can’t Go Home Again):


YOU fuck off xylo


Cracked (website) is descended from Cracked magazine, one of the many Mad magazine rips off, which was actually founded in 1958


forgot how good a side thread this was with @meowington


Still can’t get over the fact @hip_young_gunslinger thinks animals don’t have emotions.


he’s history’s greatest monster


Still nonsense to think a horse likes being harnessed up and ridden about at someone’s command imo


you should probably beeve about it some more is all i’m saying


He doesn’t seem to realise that he himself is an animal!