Things you have been slow to realise


The deadliest animal of all… an assassin!


Of course they do! They like to run about.


Here we go again!


i mean there are people out there who like to be saddled up and hit with a crop tbf. so maybe it’s fair to say that only kinky horses like it?


Been drinking from my water bottle all day. Just finished my 4th refill and I realised the absolute fucking state of it…

Not noticed any dodgy taste, but pretty sure I’ll be dead by 7pm.


oh wow


My wife’s been taking it to school with her all week, which is quite funny.


No matter how well you clean them, I’m pretty sure all water bottles end up like this after a certain period of time. I washed my daughter’s bottles religiously after use, and sterilised them, but after a few months they definitely start to look worse for wear.


domesticated dogs also need exercise, yet owners are somewhat able to provide this without mounting them


Edit: But what if… a monkey were to ride the dog?


There were quite a few scare stories knocking about for Sistema bottles etc. Being a god-fearing-siege-mentality man I got rid of them and replaced them with free flowers (that is flow ers not flowers) (which I appreciate you can’t do with very young kids) that you can also smash through the dishwasher.


pretty sure my dog (shih tzu x poodle) could ride my sisters dog (leonberger)


Did your kid ever have a Sophie le Giraffe and did you ever cut it open? Genuine biohazard.


Not surprised you’re a Sistema person.


I am not anymore! But I imagine you could find any Sistema tupperware in TKMaxx for pence!


prove it.


We did have one but it never occurred to me to open it up…


I’m sure it’s been fine all along, last couple of weeks I’ve been using the infuser with lemon and lime and I think that may be a factor.


man i would dearly love to


I won’t add the pictures in here as they’re slightly stomach-turning but google Sophie Giraffe mould if you want to find out more.


That’s my first desk laugh for a while :smiley: