Things you have been slow to realise



Tupperware is a brand name…



Just noticed my reply to that too.


This is why i got a really basic water bottle that can easily be properly hand washed or dishwashered.
This is the one I’ve got (sorry @meowington it’s a sistema)

Those ones with a built in straw gross me out because how are you supposed to wash them?


:smiley: :smiley:


That’s exactly why I got this one, because my old Sistema one went properly grotty inside the lid.

This one is as simple as a water bottle gets really, apart from the wee filtery bit for when you put the infuser out, but even that pops out for easy cleaning.


Someone said “great minds think alike” to me earlier and I realised that that statement is entirely untrue and falls apart under the merest scrutiny.

Never realised that before.


But the full quote is “great minds think alike, fools seldom differ”, so it’s actually acknowledging in itself that it’s both right and wrong - if someone’s agreeing with you then you both might be great minds or you both might be fools.


no YOUR a fool!


You don’t actually need to go through life choosing the most difficult option all the time and refusing to make accommodations for your own preferences. It’s fine to try to make life easier for yourself.


Butt is derived from the word buttocks. Amazing.


Adam Ant = adamant



Well I didn’t know that either. What a day.


I did not know this!!!

I’m going to enjoy sharing this at the earliest opportunity


Gazie mille literally translates as ‘a thousand thank yous’


TASER is an acronym taken from a children’s book. i fucking love it <3


bit of long game foreshadowing, there


very likely the other way around surely



Butt is the original word ‘thick end of something’. Ock is the diminutive, hence a buttock being half of the overall butt.


Raises question about cassocks and haddocks though