Things you have been slow to realise






Convertible = erm, convert-able? Fucksake.


A snickers is just a mars bar with nuts in




Mar athon s



Your mom’s just a mars bar with nuts in


Scott_Chegg = Scotch Egg


I have just learned that Tom Holland is Dominic Holland’s son. I remember seeing Dominic Holland doing stand up about being a stay at home dad in the early 2000’s and who could have known that one of those kids was Spiderman :exploding_head:


Is he? Well blow me, never knew that either tbh.


Roast The Mona Spit


Yeah, I had no idea on that one till hearing the 99% Invisible about it


Fin :shark: ? Tan scat :poop:


No avail!


LEJOG means Land’s End to John O’ Groats. In my head I’ve been saying it like the French for going out for a wee run.





I said that in a REEDICULOUS French style accent.


Space Odyssey
Space Oddity



Californication = california + fornication

I mean I knew all the songs were about sex in california, but I guess I missed this one.


GTA: Vice City = a city of vices, temptation etc