Things you have been slow to realise


What did you think it meant beforehand?


City of clamps for woodworking




Only got this today when seeing it on Twitter


similarly ‘fly away on my zephyr’ is about a giant deformed penis


Less slow to realise than slow to ask, but is the Winter Hill in Doves’s song of the same name the one that’s on fire at the moment? Seems close enough.




JOGLES to Aswad.


You’re so on point.


That Wayfarers are fine.


just found out about another half-phrase

“Curiosity killed the cat
but satisfaction brought it back”


Just found out that Childish Gambino is singing ‘hunnid bands, hunnid bands, hunnid bands’ (meaning rolls of money) not ‘underpants underpants underpants’

[Body is too similar to something you’ve already posted ]


Sweet Home Alabama is a diss track aimed at Neil Young, who is name-checked in the lyrics.


I’ve heard that song how many times and never noticed that part of the lyric…


response to ‘southern man’ innit


I know right. I always thought it was “I hope you young will remember…”, which would make sense given the theme of southern pride…


Yeah I’ve just read the Wikipedia article for it. Turns out the song is much more complex lyrically than I thought!


huh - didn’t think i could hate that song any more, but here we are


Let me point you in the direction of Southern Rock Opera by the Drive-By Truckers, especially Ronnie and Neil and The Three Great Alabama Icons. Basically a response to the song and a consideration of the duality of the Southern Thing.


Just finished watching Safe, on Netflix, thinking all the way through that the detective (Amanda Abbington) was the woman from The IT Crowd (Katherine Parkinson).

They’re not. And having googled it, apparently I’m not the only person to have thought they look spookily similar.