Things you have been slow to realise


Only recently got the long-running Simpsons gag, that Arnie Pie’s traffic report is called “Arnie in the Sky”.


And a great album to boot.


don’t get it

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Because the obvious name for a person called arnie pie presenting a feature in a helicopter would be pie in the sky


ah got it. Must post this in the things you … actually forget it


Didn’t they used to be in Maltesers adverts together?


Yes they did:


You’ve blown my mind.


El Pintor is an anagram of Interpol


Legally Blonde is a play on legally blind


People go on winery tours to drink a load of wine, not to look at grapes


Have you never seen Sideways?


I like looking at the grapes


Regrettably, yes.


ur a grape


okkervil river had an album out in April


That Mick Jagger sings backing vocals on ‘You’re So Vain’.

Heard it hundreds of times before but on headphones it’s clearly audible.


I fucking love that song


Isn’t he one of the people the song is probably about?


(Just checked, apparently people originally thought so but it probably isn’t)


It was always rumoured to be Warren Beatty but i think she has always looked to maintain the interest by refusing to disclose who it actually is about.