Things you have been slow to realise




That Paper Planes by MIA samples Straight to Hell by the Clash


that Bigger Longer Uncut for the South Park movie also refers to a penis


He probably thinks it is


Just had what I thought was an epiphany regarding the name of Milton Keynes, thought it might have been named after the two economists and it would have been perfect for TYHBSTR but it turns out it is nothing to do with them.


And a Google search for it turns up this thread from 10 years ago!


I found out last night that Pine Nuts come from inside Pine Cones “leaves”




The french person I was with last night used to “harvest” them herself as a kid




no wonder they’re so expensive


and gross


not for some disers


Liam comes from William




Fruits are vegetables.


I was slow to realise how misguided your views on Sideways are.


That you can put the brake on, on our fold-up pushchair, when it’s folded.

After seven months of strategically wedging it into a corner of the storage area at nursery to stop it rolling away and falling down when leaning against a wall.

Even though there was an almost identical one being stored in the same area, simply leaning against the wall, without the need to be strategically wedged into a corner.

Feel like I need to be strategically wedged into a corner whole I work out how I could be so oblivious.


Rookie error, Wizzy


Fucking hell man, you have just improved my life no end. I’ll be trying this out as soon as i get home later.

Indeed. Its pissed me off so much as well.