Things you have been slow to realise


Just woke up at 6.30am on a Saturday morning and immediately realised that Colin Hunt from the fast show is so called because it sounds a little bit similar to a rude word. C. Hunt


Retro edition

At the weekend, I heard my 6 yo niece singing ‘Dip dip dip, my blue ship’ which was a song we used to sing at primary school. The verse ends with the words:
…Sails on the water, like a cup and saucer
O-U-T spells ‘out’

I remember regularly singing ‘oh you tea spells out’ until I had the seismic revelation that O-U-T really did spell ‘out’




Samuel Smith and John Smith are brothers


i’ve been driving past this little roofed structure on my way to work for 6 years, thinking it was a well. today, waiting in traffic, i actually looked at it and it’s very obviously not a well

(this is apparently a 70s rebuild of 15th c stocks and whipping post that were there that were vandalised)




WELL i never!!!111



In more brewing family connections, Black Sheep brewery was set up by Paul Theakston of the Theakstons brewing family as an allusion to him being an outcast from the family (though I think it was actually fairly amiable and the name is tongue in cheek).


I’ve been to, and loved, the black sheep tour WAY back when (way baaack when). I remember hitting a super strong beer called something like ‘rigwelter’ which translates as ‘sheep on its back’?


And of course Evil Twin brewery was set up by the twin brother of the founder of Mikkeller.


where does Jamie fit into this?


In the bondage dungeon iirc


the only interesting brewer thing i know is that while Magners is called Bulmers in its native Republic of Ireland and only called Magners everywhere else to avoid confusion with the English Bulmers (named after the same fella), Mr Bulmer is just an English fella that bought a big stake in the company allowing them to increase production whereas Mr Magner was the Irish fella that started the thing in the first place so they should really change the name in Ireland as well shouldn’t they? come on lads.


You know your best beer memories are of a beer (obviously) but also the setting. One of my favourites beer memories is sitting outside a pub in Robin Hoods Bay drinking Old Peculiar, which I think is an all time great ale

Going to be in that part of the country next week and I CANNOT wait


Really don’t know why I told you that. Just to be clear, I had a really nice time and sometimes think about this lovely time and when I might be able to do again


I bloody love Old Peculier - used to regularly be on tap at the Pickerel in Cambridge for some reason, used to go and drink two pints in the afternoon while doing some revision, just enough to make my legs a bit wobbly (it’s strong!) then waddle off to have some dinner. Happy days.

Went in the pub a few months ago when I was back there and they didn’t have it. Sad times.


The ‘Dash’ name of the Kardashian’s stores comes from the ‘dash’ in karDASHian.


The Britney Spears single If U Seek Amy sounds like F-u-c-k me


Surely that was extremely well publicised at the time?