Things you have been slow to realise


yes, thus making billy ‘slow’ to ‘realise’ this


Probably, I was just listening to her recently after seeing her at Brighton last weekend


somehow I never knew that yanis varoufakis was an in-house economist at valve for awhile


Kindle Wood Kindling Fire Kindle Fire



I only realised today that there is a reason why the jubilee line has the colour on the map it does. It only clicked when I heard it referred to as silver rather than the grey I had always taken it to be.


Opened for the queen’s jubilee and the queen has grey hair.


Hadn’t heard / heard of it, and this still took me a couple of re-reads to get it.

Clever Britney Bitch


Foals were pretty good though


I think I remember thinking that it doesn’t really work because saying “if you seek Amy” didn’t make any sense in the context of the lyrics


took me years to realise that carbonara sauce has bits of bacon in it


Fixed that ftfy for you :+1:


were you just drinking it or what?


Several of those Comic Relief / Guinness World Record bath attempts I think.


He was also a lecturer at LSE (I think)

Someone I know’s mate was taught by him years ago. He had incredibly long hair apparently.


also apparently his wife (danae stratou, who is an artist) was probably who common people by pulp is about


Ahhh yes I had heard that actually.


The intro to Territorial Pissings (“come on people now, smile on your brother…”) is itself an actual song. Probably found this out 1-2 years ago.


Nothing lost by having never heard this tripe


I knew Karate means empty hand and karaoke means empty orchestra but only just put it together why they both start with kara.


Not sure if this counts as a late revelation or just one that has blown my mind a bit, but the actress who plays the goth science lady in NCIS is 49 years old!