Things you have been slow to realise


I hate that programme so much.


She is 4 years younger than nigel farage


she really doesn’t seem his type


Up until embarrassingly recently:

Dana Carvey was a woman in real life.

Pete Campbell from Mad Men was played by Frankie “Malcolm in the Middle” Muniz


A sphincter says… What?


I don’t think either of those are true though.


There was a song that I’d heard bits of in the background numerous times, but without knowing who it was by. To me, the short snippets sounded like if Sleater Kinney were to indulge their prog tendencies: like an early 90s riot grrl band inventing math rock. I really liked the sound but hadn’t been able to put a name to the song.

Yesterday, I finally managed to find out the name of the song.

Turns out that it’s Tom Sawyer by Rush.



Riggwelter is the Black Sheep’s attempt to rival Theakston’s Old Peculiar (mentioned downthread). Nice beer but it’s no match really. That said, your original Black Sheep remains my favourite beer I think


Shit! Should have put “wasn’t” instead of “was.”

Story of my life.


Black Sheep on draft in and around the Yorkshire Dales is absolute nectar


This but Old Peculiar


ftfy :+1:




Tom Cruise is 56



I think he’s been around for so long that 56 doesn’t surprise me (he’s been playing people in their 20s since the early 1980s).

What did surprise me is that he is only two years younger now than Jon Voight was in in the first Mission Impossible film.


I think that second point highlights his niche…unlike most leading actors, he’s continued to play the same roles throughout his career (with some exceptions) as opposed to “adapting” to his aging body (which must be in great nick).


I guess it doesn’t travel well. Can always find something better in London. The common things I think are worse are London Pride and Doom Bar.


I find that similar for most beers. Best pints round my neck of the woods are Marston’s Pedigree and Bass which don’t tend to travel well


Very few cask beers travel well imho, it’s the nature of the product. London Pride is usually reliable in a decent Fullers pub though. Tbh it all depends on how well a pub manages its cellar. I’ve all but given up on cask these days outside of a couple of places, went to two nice little village pubs at the weekend and both were pouring absolute vinegar.


not really - he only does action movies these days, but used to be all about the dramaz (Top Gun and Days of Thunder were drama films occasionally pretending to be action films)

I wish he would do another courtroom drama or something where he isn’t jumping out of a helicopter every few minutes