Things you have been slow to realise


That said, I’ve had ales from Merseyside, Yorkshire and Scotland, as well as Cornwall that have been as good here as when I’ve drunk them closer to where they were brewed.


Not to contradict you, but a landlord once told me that Doom Bar does travel well (can handle being shunted about etc.) and that is one of the reasons that explains its ubiquity


I wasn’t intending to mean that I believed it didn’t travel well. Just that I consider it to be one of the less good ales, alongside London Pride and Black Sheep. (I know that’s just my taste, my opnion, of course.)


Don’t they brew it in Burton as well these days anyway?


Cask is still brewed in Rock in Cornwall, the bottled version is done in Burton.


I think the main reason for it’s ubiquity is that it’s owned by MolsonCoors and thus offered as part of a cheap package to any pub as part of a set along with Carling and whatever else. It could travel amazingly well and turn up in perfect condition every time, but that’s irrelevant if a landlord is going to let it sit on a tap for weeks on end.


That’s fair

I guess I want to the explanation to be that is travels well rather than some money boring boring


The Macedonia naming controversy.

Accidentally upset a Greek guy on Facebook about it the other day.


And if you lament the fact that it’s not wholly Cornish any more on Twitter, someone from their social media army will come along and correct you :confused:

Rubbish brewery anyway - when I visited about ten years ago you couldn’t do tours and their shop was utterly soulless.


That’s what Scientology does for you.


A prima donna is not just a singer who was around before Madonna.


That Donald Glover was playing Teddy Perkins in that creepy ep of Atlanta




Which way round the increase/decrease decimal icons are in Excel.

More a case of will never remember than slow to realise if truth be told, this one. Always manage to forget even a few seconds after using them.

Remove the arrows and shift the single zero to the left. That’d sort 'em.


100% this. Will never ever learn it. Same as which one is colour text and which one is cell.


Yup. And all the more annoying cos the icons are actually half decent.


The dial essential cranks up the power


This song just came up on shuffle and I realised where the One Thing sample came from (about 1 minute 40 in)


I only just realised I could change my vote on a poll in DiS.


21 million…