Things you have been slow to realise


90% of drivers think they are in the top 10% of drivers.

(I made this up)


hey! if you’re going to give me shit for ‘irony lols’ in t’other thread, you can respond to my reply, d-bag!




Well there’s definitely a lot of wrong ways.





Before now I never realised anyone did it any other way than the right way.


The phrase “houses for courses” probably refers to different horses for different (racing) courses…and not, as I thought, something about having horse for a specific course in a meal.


The reason that the same address keeps showing up in the subject line on property alert emails from a particular estate agent is because that’s the address of their office.






Not recently, but it was only when Ed Harris played him in the film that I realised Jackson Pollock wasn’t actually black and that Patti Smith had been making a quite embarrassing metaphor.


What is it we’re doing here?

:slightly_smiling_face: :racehorse: :house:


(Johnny saw that the PCBE)


Horses: Four Courses and a bottle of wine - £25


Parasol - for the sun


I only twigged today that early acid house tracks spelt eg ‘future’ as ‘phuture’ because pH = acid


I think we need a judge’s ruling on this


I’ll ask this lad


I only realised yesterday that green, yellow and red peppers are all the same, but just at different stages of ripeness.

Laura at work told me, because she had been slow to realise too. Absolutely blew our minds.


This guy says no