Things you have been slow to realise


I don’t know who to believe anymore!!!


Classic Laura


Wong’s right


Are you calling Laura a liar?


i like green peppers. one of my pet peeves is people pointing out that “they’re just under ripe red peppers you know” like i’m getting scammed or something.

i like green peppers. fuck off.

Peppers [poll]

One wong makes a right


Shame we don’t know what his brother thinks about the issue


Don’t fuck with the Wongs!


Green peppers are underripe red peppers, but yellow and orange peppers are their own thing. It would take a lot of skill to pick a pepper at just the right time to ensure it was completely orange rather than tinged with red.




It would require no skill at all, surely. It would require a lot of patience and watchfulness.


oh we’ve got ourselves a professional picker here everyone


a professional pepper picker?


Perhaps partially professional, proficient?


You guys also know that peppers are male or female depending on the number of segments they have at the bottom (3 or 4)?


Just like people


Yes, just like people


Stop looking at my segments


You…appear to have five?! :open_mouth: